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Oil Changes: oil filter, top off fluids, and tire pressure check

Other services quoted per car:
6 cylinder service   $120.00 (See our December / January Special)
8 cylinder service    $140.00 (See our December / January Special)
M engines quoted individually for this service
At Specialized Service and Repair, we provide a number of quality services:
Diagnosing difficult electrical and audio issues, drivability and check engine light is what we do daily. We rebuild panoramic sunroofs, complete engines and transfer cases.
ac filters
air filters
spark plugs
fuel filters
transfer cases oil change
differentials servicing

Repair estimates are created for each vehicle individually, and emailed to customer via QuickBooks for review. Each repair can be separated with parts and labor costs subtotaled.  This shop does everything from engine rebuilds to as small as a bulb or fuse replacement. 2 year warranty on repairs.
Diagnosis fee and hourly rate is $109   
Please include the make and model of your BMW!